Getting the word out

Living-Language-Land has been featured in a number of media that have helped to spread word of the project and share the relevance of reflecting on our environmental crisis through diverse language perspectives.

Philippa and Neville, with contributors Sylvia Vollenhoven, Helina Hookoomsing and Malcolm Maclean, presented the project in the COP26 Green Zone in Glasgow on 3 November 2021. Watch the entire presentation (1 hour)

Exchange of ulluco and maize at a barter market in Lares, Peru

Neville and Philippa were interviewed by The Guardian’s Severin Carrall and the project was featured in The Guardian on 3 November 2021 – Indigenous languages project urges COP26 leaders to rethink ties to the land

A short video featuring some of the contributions to the project was included in the British Council pavilion in the COP26 Blue Zone.

Podcast interviews:

Living-Language-Land has been featured on the Unfurling podcast (3/8/21 – Hour-long interview with Philippa Bayley); as part of the British Council’s Climate Connection podcast on Natural Language (2/8/21 – Interview with Philippa and Neville at 17:35); on the UN’s The lid is on podcast from COP26 (3/11/21 – Audio from the project at 21:20) and on the BBC’s Africa Today podcast (18/11/21 – Interview with Sylvia Vollenhoven and Helina Hookoomsing at xx:xx)

Ink drawing of artichoke head and garlic bulb

Radio interviews:

  • Neville and Philippa in conversation with Sara Birnbaum for The World from American National Public Radio (21/11/21)
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