• Language: Muysk Kubun
  • Region: Central Colombia
  • Contributor: Diana Castillo and Michael Ramírez, COMUNIDAD MUISCA CONA, PEDAGOGÍAS ANCESTRALES
name; stone; speech
nombre; piedra; habla
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The stones are the word, and the latent memory of our territory and of our ancestors. They are proof that they walked through these mountains. They are grandmothers who know a word, ancient, deep and complex; words of advice that can only be heard through patience, deep silence, and the other senses.

Rocky shelters that guard and make life possible, firmly hold our struggles and our thoughts. Their skin and their scars are witnesses to the passing of time, and in turn, they are living proof of our survival.

When we meet them, we sit down to look inwards, to our past stored there. We dream to remember the paths of the ravines and the song of the birds of yesterday. We ask about their purpose and teachings.

The hyká are bridges that have allowed us to remember and legitimize the struggle for the wellbeing of our people.

The hyká are our grandparents and we will defend them.

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