Neville’s reflections on the project

This week we posted our last word of the twenty-six that make up Living-Language-Land – Yii a
Khwedam word shared with us from Namibia
. The last several months have been so busy,
that now seems the right moment to reflect on what the experience has been for me
personally. I think of everything we have experienced and the amazing conversations we
have been privileged to have with people from around the world. It has been a profound
lesson in the joy of listening.

It is not until you really opening oneself up to listening to the experience and knowledge of
other voices, that one can begin to make that journey of empathy. And it is more than that.
Listening has changed the way I see and understand my own experience through
understanding a little of how other communities connect to the earth, nature and to one

And the experience of being in Glasgow at COP26? Whilst it seems that all politicians like to be
heard, so much more would be gained if they were as open to listening.

What I am looking forward to now is reconnecting with all our project contributors and
asking the question – How was it for you? And, How do we go further with what we have
started? – and of course to say thank you so much for sharing!

Audience members at the Living-Language-Land event at COP26 enjoy thinking about their own meaningful words.
Living-Language-Land – COP26 Green Zone – 3rd Nov 2021, Glasgow
English (UK)