Dibujos de semillas

Joan Gabie recibió el encargo de living-language-land de crear una serie de dibujos basados en semillas para su sitio web. Sus dibujos en tinta de semillas y plantas con semillas pretenden reflejar el espíritu de la crianza y el nuevo crecimiento.

“Las semillas son como pequeños mundos: contienen dentro de ellas infinitas posibilidades de vida y novedad." 

In my quick ink studies of tiny seeds and husks I wish to reference abstract language, assembling them together to draw out their interconnectedness, forging relationships, a language for the eyes, not for the tongue. Some strange seeds unknown to me were lent from botanical archives. Others I have pocketed on  journeys, liking the feel of them in my hand.

Ink drawing for me is an emotional activity, short bursts of energy releasing the potential – a response to living things.

These are not finished; they will form little leaping-off points for future drawings.

It is a pleasure to be part of such an optimistic and far reaching project as living-language-land.”


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